Why Sanford

Why Choose Sanford?

I recently asked one of my neighbors why they love Sanford. They responded, “Sanford is a great city to live and raise a family.” Sanford is the county seat of Lee County and the Lee County Chamber of Commerce says something similar on their website: “Lee County is an all-American community, dedicated to faith, family, and country.

Sanford’s rolling hills are filled with pine trees, golf courses, and wonderful green spaces for family and fun. The cost of living is still fairly inexpensive. The Temple Theatre, good schools, and the recent re-development of the downtown area all create a healthy environment for social gatherings and a renewed sense of community.

Sanford is also a city that is poised for growth and development. According to Mayor Chet Mann: “We have reached a time in our history where we must focus our efforts on pro-growth initiatives and seek quality of life improvements that will stimulate growth, reward our current citizens, and attract newcomers to our area. Increasingly, we must get out in front of trends, take calculated risks, look for and make investments that will provide a greater rate of return, and provide leadership to the city, its staff, and its taxpayers both corporate and individual.”

For these reasons and many more, the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA) has asked us to investigate the possibility of planting a new church in Sanford. We believe that a new church in Sanford could not only bless the family and friends of Sanford, it could also provide support and encouragement for the strengthening and expansion of other local churches in central North Carolina.

As new comers to Sanford, we look forward to taking the first 12-18 months to listen, learn, and enjoy our new home. As God leads, we look forward to the adventure of working with existing churches and community leaders to begin a new church that addresses current needs and future opportunities in Sanford and Lee County. We are truly grateful for this opportunity. May God continue to send His blessings on this process and community, for His glory and our enjoyment.